A little about our Broker:
Dominique Sicari began his career in the mortgage industry thirteen years ago, while going to school in Los Angeles. In less than a month in the role of Junior Loan Officer, he was able to secure funding for his first customer.  From that victory, he realized the thrill of being able to help another person's dream come to fruition. Fueled by that experience, a real passion for his work in the mortgage and real estate industry took root.  Dominique never looked back. In the years that followed, he has enjoyed a repeat of that first experience countless times and admits that the satisfaction it brings him personally never wanes.

The thing that sets Dominique apart in the Mortgage industry is simple, yet profound. He has created a lending experience that evolves to meet his client's needs over their lifetime. This, coupled with unparalleled customer service has rewarded Dominique with client relationships that are ongoing and have stood the test of time. His goal is to continue to remain synonymous with timely, efficient lending solutions for his clients, both now and in the future, thus securing his long-term success and theirs.

Adhering closely to his focus, which is to study guidelines, master the market niche product and provide solutions quickly for every loan scenario, Dominique is an expert on FHA, VA, and Conventional guidelines. In addition, he enjoys working with investors and specializes in Jumbo, Hard Money, Commercial, and NON-QM products.

Dominique sums up his passion this way, "When you help someone launch or improve their real estate holdings by offering them the absolute best finance solution, within an experience that exceeds their expectations, you have improved their lives. That is priceless."  His many clients agree.

When Dominique isn't working, he is cooking, fishing, hunting, water-skiing, wake-boarding and in winter, snowboarding. He values spending time with his family, laughing and sharing recipes.